Anastasia visited her first Yoga Class in 2015. At the end of the same year, she left to travel abroad. The journey continued for the following 4,5 years. It began as a backpacking adventure but developed into a journey of self-inquiry and continued as the journey to the self. 


Anastasia began learning more about mindfulness, meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, healing, and spirituality. She lived in India and Nepal for about 1,5 years, where she established and deepened her spiritual practice. Anastasia found herself through the yoga practice. 


In 2019 Anastasia completed a yoga-teacher-training in Rishikesh, India, and started teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes on donation. 

Today Anastasia is teaching a vigorous and meditative Ashtanga Yoga-inspired Vinyasa Flow. She teaches intuitively, always caring, with love and compassion to the students. 


Anastasia intends to keep moving toward her true, authentic, healthiest, and best self and to inspire others to move in the same direction.  


Anastasia's classes, like her practice, are specializing in flexibility. 

The Mindful Flexibility originated when Anastasia didn't see any progress in her regular Ashtanga Yoga practice. Thereupon, she developed her form of practicing, combining Yoga Asana with mobility, flexibility, and strength drills, to safely unlock certain Asanas in a goal-oriented way. 


2018 - 3- Day Singing Bowls Course with Teacher Kwan at Nirvana Singing Bowls Pokhara, Nepal


2019 - 200H YTTC Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga  at Rishikesh Yoga Association in Rishikesh, Indien


2020 - Basics of Ayurveda with Dr. Usha Vaishnava at Ayurveda Nirvana in Rishikesh, Indien


2020 - Ayurvedic Massage with Dr. Usha Vaishnava at Ayurveda Nirvana in Rishikesh, Indien


2022 - "The Confident Cueing Workshop" with Ashley Hagen, online


2023 - Yoga Philosophy - Yoga Sutra Fundamentals with Prof. Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, online




Further Experiences

2018 - Stay at Vipassana Tempel Wat Pa Tam Wua, Thailand


2020 - 10-Tage Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Dhamma Thalī in Jaipur, Indien

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